Agra Food Tour

Agra Food Tour

Agra has been the most visited place in India for a long time due to its marvelous forts, palaces and beautiful monuments like Taj Mahal. We customise the entire Agra tour circuit as per as your needs and tastes. Have you ever seen pictures of your friends and famous celebrities like Diana, Putin and many others along with their significant others sitting on a marble bench in front of Taj Mahal ? Well, this experience can be yours, if you contact and tell us what you have in mind for the Agra Tour.

Agra Photography Tour

Discover sights and history of Agra with you camera in company of a local photography guide.

This photography tour of Agra lets you explore and photograph most worth visiting monuments of Agra city not just limited to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Your photography guide helps you understand the lesser known details of each place you visit and rich history of this ancient city. This is an excellent choice for casual as well as dedicated photographers who want to take some memorable professional quality pictures to keep the memories of their trip to Taj Mahal fresh for a life time.Instead of worrying about finding good spots to take pictures or how to take them, you can rely on the expertise of your photography guide to make sure that your photos are the best and will be more than just worth sharing with friends and family.

Agra Food Walks

A food walk of Agra town with market tour

A visit to Agra is incomplete without tasting it’s delightful local cuisine. This food walk of Agra will help you taste delicious street food dishes available from some of the oldest and most reputed food joints in the city. All the food items have been personally tested and are as safe as possible. It is a walking tour of Agra city in which you will visit walk around some non-touristy markets of Agra city and taste some of the best local food dishes. The food served in this food walk is equivalent to one meal plus various snacks served during a duration of 3-4 hours.

Agra Heritage Tour

A good choice for history buffs and people who want to learn more details
about history, people and sights of Agra.

Agra heritage tour is meant for travelers with deep interest in history, romantics and people who want to explore the places they visit in detail rather than just see and click photos. For most tourists, Agra is limited to Taj Mahal and perhaps a visit to Agra Fort nearby. But Agra was the capital of Mughal empire under three kings and is full of history and stories which most people don’t know about. The city is gifted with numerous gardens, forts, mosques, mausoleums and bazars built by different people from 13th to 19th century.One of the most important, yet lesser known example is I’timad-Ud-Daulah tomb built by queen Nur Janha in memory of her father. It is made of white marble, inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones and is considered by many historians as one of the major inspirations for Taj Mahal. A number of aspects from this tomb were copied in Taj Mahal.

Agra Cycling Tour

Roam across Agra on a bicycle

A cycling tour of Agra city helps a traveller explore the city and daily lives of it’s people. These cycle tours start early morning and focus on less touristy areas of the Agra city like flower market, vegetable market, Dhobi Ghat (clothes washing area), colonial and Mughal sections, ancient Hindu temples, mosques and churches spread all over. This is a special tour organised for travelers interested in the local life of the city, not monuments.

Cooking Class

Learn to cook some great Indian food dishes in Agra

If you love Indian food and want to learn how to cook a few Indian dishes while you’re in Agra, then give this cooking class a shot. For food lovers, tt’s the perfect way of utilising 4-5 hours in Agra during which you can learn to cook some Indian food dishes in the most authentic way. The cooking classes can be arranged in a restaurant or in a family home depending upon availability and preferences of the guests. The menu can be modified to a certain extent and special care is taken to ensure that the dishes are prepared from ingredients which are easily available all over the world.

Culinary Tours of India

Discover India via a culinary tour

Culinary tours are an incredibly delicious and fun way to explore a country, it’s sights and cuisine. Our tours offer all that and much more. The tours which we operate cover not just the food and sights but also some delightful things to do like camel safaris, camping in desert, playing with and feeding elephants instead of just riding them, visiting spice markets and see how they are used in original form, teat tasting and many others depending upon the package. These tours are arranged for groups as well as individual travelers and can be customised to suit preferences of the guests.

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