Agra Cooking Class


Learn to cook some great Indian food dishes in Agra

If you love Indian food and want to learn how to cook a few Indian dishes while you’re in Agra, then give this cooking class a shot. For food lovers, it’s the perfect way of utilising 4-5 hours in Agra. In a cooking class like this, you can learn to cook a multi-course meal comprising of various Indian food dishes in the most authentic way. The cooking classes can be arranged in a restaurant or in a family home depending upon availability and preferences of the guests. The menu can be modified to a certain extent and special care is taken to ensure that the dishes are prepared from ingredients which are easily available all over the world. Most of cooking classes cover vegetarian food unless specified otherwise. Some meat dishes can be inlcuded on request and extra charge. A cooking class like this is enough to teach basics as well as some advanced techniques of preparing different types of snacks, drinks and full meals with multiple dishes.

  • 2-3 types of breads breads (roti, parantha, puri)
  • 1-2 vegetable dishes.
  • 1-2 lentil dishes.
  • Side dishes like raita, papad, chutney.
  • Drinks like chai, lassi, aam panna.
  • Rice dish like pulaav.
  • Dessert like halwa, kheer.


  • Meat dishes can included at extra cost, 2 barbeque meat dishes at INR 1800 and 2 meat curry dishes for INR 1500.
  • Some extra activities like celebrations of local festivals (Holi, Diwali), getting heena design (mehandi tattoo), tying a saaree and a few other can be arranged alongside cooking class.

INR 6500 per guest on purchase of 2 or more tickets.
INR 7500 for a solo guest.